Be a donor

Donor support is essential to respond to this humanitarian crisis. People and companies that are willing to make financial contributions, occasional or recurring, help us interiorize more families in Brazil.

Become a donor and help us provide a home and a new beginning for these families!

Be a host

The hosts are a key part of the solution to this crisis. They are volunteers that receive one or more families, offering the necessary conditions for them to restart their lives.

Once registered in our system as a host, our operational team will contact you to clarify all the steps of the process. We will also put you in touch with other hosts and volunteers from our movement in your city to exchange experiences.

We always like to remember that “if charity is too planned, it may be late”. Be a key part of the solution!

Be a volunteer

Civil society is the basis of our work. We look for people who can commit for at least 4 months with our cause: doctors, psychologists, portuguese teachers, photographers and filmmakers are some of the professionals that we need the most.

Host team: each host needs a support team for their family. We work with 3 pillars of care: employment, education, and health.

Refúgio 343 community also offers periodic volunteer activities to support other causes. We want to give Venezuelans the opportunity to help Brazilians in their challenges too!

Become part of our volunteer team!

Be a corporate partner

We believe in the power of the private sector and seek to unite our efforts with companies that want to make a difference in the world, developing a humane culture among their employees, customers and partners.

There are several ways your company can help us. The main one is by sponsoring a family’s interiorization. This project has a closed investment value and Refúgio 343 offers a range of counterparts, from lectures about Human Rights and Sustainability to the implementation of a volunteer’s program.

We also have a high demand for job opportunities. Our proposal is to jointly conduct a selection process with the companies to be able to find immigrants that match their job opportunities. The selection process can be done online, directly with the Venezuelans refugees who are still in Boa Vista. A safe way to guarantee inclusion and diversity.

Get in touch with our operational team!

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