be a donor

The support of donors and investors is essential for us to respond to this humanitarian crisis. People and companies that are willing to make financial contributions, one-off or recurring, allow us to help more and more families in Brazil.


A welcoming person is a key part of the solution to this crisis: volunteers who welcome one or more families, making a commitment to help them in their adaptation process.

Each family has a team of at least 5 people, whose welcoming leader is with whom we coordinate all stages of the process and is trained by our team.

The welcoming team follows the Reception Guidelines, applying the socioeconomic reintegration methodology based on the 3 care criteria: employment, education and health.

be a volunteer

We are looking for committed people to work on our cause through remote and in-person vacancies, in the areas of Operations, Marketing, Administrative or Resource Mobilization.


We believe in the power of the private sector and seek to partner with companies that want to make a difference in the world.

There are several ways your company can help us, the main one is by employing and welcoming one or more families.

We conduct selection processes to find the ideal candidate for your job among refugees, and can even conduct interviews online. A safe way to ensure inclusion and diversity.