Refúgio 343 was born as a response to what is now the biggest migratory challenge in the history of the Western Hemisphere. A humanitarian organization dedicated to the socioeconomic integration of refugees and migrants. We work with social development and humanitarian aid, acting with of interiorization and education.

The highest point of our work is the interiorization. Process that drives the relocation journey and the achievement of the socio-economic integration of refugees and migrants in their final destinations. We monitor the families to ensure they succeed in the employment, health and education pillars.

Education is the most effective path to social transformation. It is the key to various processes of citizenship and development, both personal and professional. The tools offered at Escola Refúgio (Refuge School) are the bridge that bring the beneficiaries closer to their ultimate goal: to start over.


“In October 2018, I started having frequent dreams about a girl who was strange to me. One day, I recognized her on an article about the migratory crisis in Venezuela. At this moment I felt I should do something to help”.

The experience of one of our founders, inspired a group, already involved in other social causes, to take action. The first dream was to catch a plane to the state of Roraima, on the border with Venezuela, and return with a refugee family. This dream has grown. Today, we are a humanitarian organization that has already rescued thousands of people, and this is only the beginning of a life journey.

We believe in the power of unity, charity and determination. Rather, we are a refuge for ourselves, a platform that aims to promote healing from the inside out. We find in the culture of this organization the opportunity to evolve, to become better people and professionals, while developing our humanitarian work.

We live the new era, we are a family!


Forced displacement has doubled in the past decade. 100 million people, over 1% of humanity, have left their origins behind due to war, violence, conflict, persecution, and human rights violation. 

Venezuelans are the world’s third largest population group displaced. Over 6.1 million, 20% of the population, have fled the country to escape economic insecurity, violence, lack of food, medicine, and essential services.

This, which is considered the largest humanitarian crisis in Latin America, has direct impact in Brazil. There are over 345 thousand Venezuelans regularized in the country.

To support the migratory flow, there are 9 refugee camps with capacity to shelter 9.5 thousand people in Roraima, in the north of Brazil, in the border with Venezuela, the most affected state by the crisis.

However, despite the efforts, there are still 4.3 thousand refugees and migrants living without infrastructure and access to basic needs in occupancies and on the streets.

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Liliana Meilin
Assistente de Captação de Recursos
Vinicius Fernandes
Coordenador de Interiorização
Laura Fatio
Cofundadora e Gerente de Investimentos
Estiben Sanchez
Assistente de Interiorização
Ully Araujo
Orientadora Educacional
Fernando Rangel
Cofundador e Diretor Executivo
Júlia Hadad
Analista de Interiorização
Fabrizio Jacobucci
Coordenador Regional SP
Bárbara Oliveira
Assistente Executiva
Rafael Lavarini
Líder de Engajamento
Dejaine Viriato
Assistente de Interiorização
Patrícia Galindo
Gerente de Comunicação e Engajamento
Lilian Bernardes
Coordenadora Regional BH
Vitória Maielo
Analista de Captação de Recursos

Nossos conselheiros

Leonardo Lima
Diretor de Desenvolv. Sustentável Arcos Dorados
Ana Carolina Xavier
CEO NTICS Projetos
Ricardo Siqueira
Membro do Conselho ClimaFund Brasil
Pedro Navio
Presidente Kraft Heinz
Guilherme Ferreira
Diretor Executivo Bahema Educação

Nossos embaixadores

Talita Monteiro
Minas Gerais
Paula Genelhu
Minas Gerais
Rafael Barbosa
Minas Gerais
Heitor Souza
São Paulo
Juliana Zochetti
São Paulo
Danielle Camargo
São Paulo
Rafael Lavarini
Julia Neiva
São Paulo


The work of Refúgio 343 permeates 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. We believe that, as in the public and private sectors, third sector organizations also need to be committed to more efficient, transparent, and responsible businesses, both in the environmental and social spheres.

For this reason, Refúgio 343 is also a signatory of the UN Global Compact, committed to following the 10 universal principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment, and Anti-Corruption and actions that contribute to facing society’s challenges.