These are the words spoken by Cristal, a Venezuelan immigrant who came to Brazil with her boyfriend, Arturo, a few months ago – due to the crises in her home country, Venezuela. As a transgender, she’s been through a lot of prejudice and violence cases – but despite all those situations, she’s got her mother by her side, always supporting her no matter what.

Actually, her mom is the reason why she came to Brazil looking for a better life and job opportunities. “I dream about being capable of helping my mom, just like she did to me until now. Whenever I have lunch at the shelter, I wonder if she’s having the same chance over there, in Venezuela, as I am here in Brazil.”

The chance to make her dream come true popped-up this month of July. Cristal and Arturo are now living in São Fedelis, a city that belongs to the state of Rio de Janeiro, where Paulo, a volunteer, is hosting and taking care of them. And good news: now Cristal and Arturo got a job! By the way, Paulo has also hosted two other families in the area nearby.

In a couple of months, Arturo and Cristal are going to be independents and will be capable of helping their families and beloved ones – just as they want to. By now, we keep changing lives!

You can also help Venezuelan refugees to begin a new life in Brazil. Click here to get more information.

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