“I traveled with my children on a truck’s rack without any money”

Crisis left Elvis and Eulices’s family in an extreme poverty situation in Venezuela. They were no longer able to put food on the table for their children and also had no money to guarantee the displacement of the whole family to another country. In moments like that most of Venezuelan families split up: an adult […]

Our first interiorization to Pernanbuco

We made our first interiorization to Pernanbuco and now we have families starting over in safe and structured homes in 14 brazilian states. Genesis and Gabriel’s family has been welcomed by our volunteer host Gracineide in the city of Tacaimbó. The strongest memory they have of their last year in Venezuela are from their meal […]

A fresh start and a new love in Brazil

In July 2019, Brinmer arrived in Brazil as Venezuelan refugee. In his words, “these was months of a lot of struggle, hunger, drowsiness and illness”. Brinmer contracted tuberculosis at the same time that he met Refúgio 343. We guarantee his interiorization and his health treatment in Externa, a city of the countryside of Minas Gerais. […]

A birthday to celebrate and be grateful

Gadiel has a rare tumor on his face and, without conditions of receive treatment on Venezuela due the crisis, his mother, Anayinsi, and his stepfather, José, requires refuge in Brazil to save the children life. With the help of our host Viviane Albuquerque, in less than 15 days, we interiorized the family to Barretos, a […]